Ella Enchanted

By Gail Carson Levine

Hi, Emmie here! I’m writing about a fantasy (a fairy tale, actually). This book is about a girl named Ella who was cursed with a “gift” of obedience. Lucinda (a fairy) gave it to her. She’s given it to many infants. But Ella’s royal; that makes it much more difficult for her. Everything is going almost just fine until a guest arrives. It’s Mistress Dame Olga. She’s royal, too. She has 2 daughters. Their names are Hattie and Olive. Ella curtsies and bumps into Olive. Olive is too young to know what to say, so Hattie speaks up for her. She says, “Pardon my sister. She is too young to know what to do yet.” Ella says, “That’s okay.  Would you like a tour of the house?” Hattie says,” Yes.” So Ella takes them on a tour. While they are on the tour, Hattie tells Ella to do something and because of the curse she does it. That’s when Hattie starts bossing Ella around and, of course, she has to do it. Then finally they leave! But, what’s this Ella’s father has to say? Oh no, Ella has to go to Finishing School with Hattie and Olive!

Off we go to finishing school with Ella. At Finishing School, Hattie doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s bossing Ella around, so she tells Ella to meet her in the front garden every night. She has a magical book that she must keep a secret. That night, she looks inside the book and finds out that Lucinda (the fairy who gave her the curse) is going to be there. She wants Lucinda to undo the curse. So she runs away to find Lucinda. Will she fail or succeed? As I always say, read the book to find out!

I recommend this book because it’s very adventurous. You keep changing emotions throughout the book. You go from sad to happy to mad to disappointed and then it starts all over again. This book is based on the story of Cinderella.

If you’ve seen the movie and didn’t like it, still read the book. Even if you liked the movie, I still recommend this book to you.

A few helpful things I like to say about the books I read:

“Run and Get Mom” (how I describe the scariness factor):
If you are scared very easily, this book can be pretty scary at some parts. If you are not scared easily, then this book will not be scary at all for you.

“Yucky-Lovey Stuff” (how I describe the romance factor):
There was one part where a prince and a princess kissed, but that’s it.


I give this book 5 ½ wands (that’s over my 5 wand rating limit!).
It gets so many wands because I loved this book more than any book I have ever read!