The Magic Mystery

by Mary Laine Dyksterhouse

Hi! This review is about my OWN book! Since I'm the author of this book, I can't really write a review on it. But, I have a friend who can. Her name's Tanya Turek and she loved my book, so I'm hoping you will, too!

Here's the first part of her review:

The Magic Mystery by Mary Laine Dyksterhouse with enchanting illustrations by Shelby Gorman is the perfect book for book lovers! Author Dyksterhouse is clearly a book lover herself, and manages to get that elusive, "A-ha!" moment of understanding in her story at just the right moment. Narrator Melinda Lou begins the story, "What a day! Today, I was flying on my magical . . . Wait. Let's start from the very beginning." The beginning finds nine-year-old book loving Melinda Lou and her six-year-old brother Micah living in an orphanage, her best friends Ruby and Melaghia having just been adopted. But, they have left a note behind for Melinda Lou and, after rescuing Micah from the mean clutches of Mrs. Lorkes, the head of the orphanage, she manages to read it. ... 

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