Party Time

By Rachel Renèe Russell

Hi! Do you have a particular person who bullies you to no end? Well, Nikki Maxwell does. Her name is Mackenzie Hollister and she envies everything about Nikki.

Nikki has finally gotten used to her new school, but she’s still having problems with Mackenzie. Coming up is the Halloween dance where boys are supposed to ask girls to the dance. Well, Nikki, Zoey and Chloe (Nikki’s best friends) still don’t have anyone to go with! They decide to go on their own. Nikki comes up with the idea to dress up as trash bags because they signed up to be cleaner ladies at the party. Suddenly, Mackenzie cancels the dance. She fires everyone except the cleaning crew; she puts them in charge. Now it’s up to the cleaning crew to arrange all of the Halloween party.

Later, Brandon asks Nikki to the dance. Nikki doesn’t want to hurt Brandon’s feelings by saying no, so she says yes. Then, Mackenzie’s mom asks Nikki to host a ballerina dance, which is at the same time as the Halloween dance. Oh no! And Mackenzie has left a smelly rat costume for her to wear to the Ballerina Dance! How’s she going to do it all without breaking up her friendship with Brandon and her BFFs and breaking her promise to an adult?

Will Nikki be able to do it all behind her BFFs back, or will it all just collapse? Or will she end up being an honest and true friend and just picking one thing and sticking with it? As I always say, read the book to find out!

I recommend this book to readers who like easy-to-read, dramatic books about a teenage life. If you do not like this sort of thing, warning: that’s what these books are all about!

A few helpful things I like to say about the books I read:

“Run and Get Mom” (how I describe the scariness factor):
There were no scary parts in this book, only nervous exciting parts which I wouldn’t really call scary.

“Yucky-Lovey Stuff” (how I describe the romance factor):
The only real yucky-lovey stuff in this book was Brandon asking Nikki to the dance and all that boy-girl relationship. Although there was no kissing or hugging going on between the boys and girls, they still danced with each other and went on dates.


I give this book 4 wands.
It was easier to read than most, but once in a while, I like an easy book. I got sucked into her world immediately. It was full of drama and compassion and feelings. I loved it!